Faster WiFi through new standard

16 juni 2019 | by Martijn Visser

Faster internet due to arrival of new WiFi routers

Good news for anyone who spends a lot and often on WiFi networks. The foundation that oversees the development of the WiFi standard, the WiFi Alliance, recently tightened the requirements for its certification. This means that new WiFi routers will have to deliver a lot faster internet.

WiFi for more devices at once

Part of the requirements is that WiFi routers must now be able to send data to multiple devices at once. Currently, WiFi routers can only send data to one device at a time, even if multiple devices are connected to the router.

Doubling in speed possible

So in the new standard, this is going to change, and devices that want the Wi-Fi certification will have to support MU-MIMO, a technique that allows routers to serve multiple devices at once, according to the WiFi Alliance.

One of the other improvements has to do with the number of channels routers have to be able to support. In particular, multi-channel 160 MHz instead of 80 MHz so this could theoretically double the speed. We can't wait!

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