5 reasons why customised websites are much better than standard templates

23 november 2021 | by Martijn Visser

Did you know that the counter of the number of websites has now reached more than 1 billion? The expectation is that this number will only continue to grow faster.

Of course, this should make you think about starting a website yourself, but above all, it means that there is a huge amount of competition, and that you need to stay sharp and make the right choices for your website.

Why invest in a custom-made website?

If, as an organisation, you want to have a good online presence, you simply have to invest in a customised website. It is also important that you master the basics of SEO and that you study how to improve your website's visibility in Google and on social media.

In this article, I would like to take you through the considerations why a custom website is better than working with standard templates or a so-called website builder.

1. It reinforces your brand

If you use a standard template, always realise that there will be many more websites that look like your website. It is important that your website conveys your look and brand, which is why only a unique, custom-designed website can ensure the right brand conveyance.

2. Little chance of limitations

A standard template is actually a kind of one-size-fits-all for a huge number of purposes. The problem is that they only have limited functionalities. For example, pre-made websites cannot support a webshop, calendar or customised form.

Often, these templates also don't have the scalability that custom-made websites do. In fact, a custom-made website is always created according to the latest technology. Otherwise, you can choose the things you want and it can happen.

3. Compatibility with all browsers

A customised and well-programmed website ensures that your design remains consistent all modern browsers.

Many people don't realise this well, but the compatibility of your website on different platforms can make or break your website.

Remember that Google owns about 90% of the total search engine market and that most people use Google Chrome these days, so many template builders adapt their website to that alone and forget about other browsers and search engines.

4. Search engine friendliness guaranteed

Professional web designers make sure that the website they create has the right optimisation. They make sure that the CSS and HTML codes are in order and meet the latest standards, giving you a website that gives you a great head start in terms of SEO, or scoring in search engines like Google.

Standard templates or templates don't offer that. They are designs so that you can customise them as much as possible. And unfortunately, if you are then not handy when it comes to SEO yourself, you are way behind when it comes to optimising your website.

5. Always tailored to your target audience

If your target audience needs specific things from your site, a good web designer can take care of this, but don't forget that it's up to you to make sure your website matches your customers' needs as closely as possible.So ask yourself some questions to make sure you get the most out of your customised website.

In contrast, website templates are very generic. They often lack important features or applications that your target audience would like to see in a website, which in turn makes it harder for you to get the most out of your website.

Do you also want a custom-designed website?

The bottom line is that you want your website to be optimised to work to your advantage. The best way to do this is to get a beautiful custom design with well-crafted code. If this is what you want, contact us today and we will help you get started.

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